Terms & Conditions


A minimum 24 hours’ notice is required for any cancellation. This is counted from the start time of your studio booking. If you cancel at or after the 24-hour period, you will be charged the full cost of the session. When you are cancelling you must ensure that you speak to a member of staff and obtain a cancellation number. We do not accept any cancellations over fax, post, and any other forms of cancellations except for the following: Phone call, e-mail, WhatsApp message, or short-service message (sms) via the phone number that was used for the booking will be accepted. Upon the cancellation of your session, you can either choose a) refund or b) credit hours. We will refund you your payment less a processing a fee upon confirmation of cancellation. Credit hours will be valid for a period of 3 months from the date of cancellation.


  1. The following conditions for hire shall apply to all contracts entered into by Decibel Studios LLP ('the Studio') for the hire of the Studio ('the Studio') quoted in the Booking ('the Booking') and of the equipment ('the Equipment') for use in the Studio. 'The Customer' herein refers to the person, firm or anyone who has made a Booking via the Studio website (

  2. The Customer shall vacate the Studio promptly at the end of the booking and surrender the Equipment at the end of the Booking.

  3. If the Customer fails to vacate the Studio promptly and/or surrender all or any of the Equipment at the end of the Booking, the Studio shall be entitled to charge a further fee in respect of excess usage which if overtime is involved may be equal to or higher than the rate of a standard Booking.

  4. The Customer shall satisfy themselves that the Studio and the Equipment is suitable for their purpose and while the Studio will use its best endeavours to ensure that all the Equipment performs in accordance with the specifications for such Equipment, the Studio is not responsible for ensuring that its Equipment and the facilities provided are suitable for the Customers purpose.

  5. If the Customer cancels any Booking, the Studio shall take reasonable steps to replace the cancelled Booking with another hiring. The Customer shall indemnify the Studio against any loss or damage suffered by the Studio by reason of such cancellation. (Please refer to our cancellation policy).

  6. If the Studio have incurred any special costs or expenses in connection with the Booking, the Customer shall pay those special costs or expenses in addition to the above-mentioned cancellation charges, costs and expenses.

  7. If the Booking is cancelled owing to any reason affecting the Studio then unless such cancellation has been caused by negligence on the part of the Studio, the Studio shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Customer and the Studio's liability would be limited in repayment of the Booking fee.

  8. If such cancellation is due to fire, natural catastrophe, industrial dispute, failure of national or local power supply or any other circumstances beyond the Studio's control then the Studio shall be under no liability and shall be entitled to be paid such part of the Booking fee as is fair and reasonable and having regard to the facilities supplied up to time.

  9. Only musicians rehearsing and their appointed representatives are permitted to enter the Studio and the Studio reserves the right to refuse entry to or turn away any person whose presence is not necessary for duration of the stipulated booking as made by the Customer.

  10. The Customer shall ensure that all persons entering the Studio in connection with the Booking shall abide by the rules and regulations therein and the Studio shall be entitled to exclude any persons in the event of their failure to observe such regulations.

  11. Any Customer's equipment left at the Studio at any time shall be at the Customers own risk.

  12. The Customer shall reimburse the Studio with the cost of repairing or replacing any part of theStudio or Equipment damaged or lost as a result of the use or misuse by the Customer. (Please refer to ‘Theft and Damages’ for more details)

  13. The Studio, the Equipment and all other facilities provided by the Studio are provided entirely at the Customer's risk. The Studio shall be under no liability to the Customer for any loss or damage resulting from any defect in the Studio or the failure of any of the Equipment of facilities whether or not the Studio had any prior knowledge.

  14. All articles brought and bought on the premises are entirely at the owner's risk.

  15. While the Studio has been adequately soundproof, the Customer shall seek to maintain a reasonable level of volume during the duration of their Booking so as to minimise the amount of noise pollution to the neighbouring tenants.

  16. The Studio reserve the rights to void and null any Booking at any point before, or during the Booking should there be any complains or if the company’s staff or Director(s) has deemed that the Customer is/are not suitable. Refund of Booking payment will be left to the discretion of the Studio.


  1. The Customer will be liable for any damages or any theft that occurred or that can be attributed to the Customer before, during or after the period of the Booking. At no time will the Studio, the company’s staff or Directors be held responsible for the theft, loss or damage of any of the Clients equipment and personal belongings during or after the Booking.

  2. While the Studio shall seek to regularly maintain the Equipment in working order, the Customer shall be fully liable for the conditions of the Equipment from the time of Booking till the end of Booking. Reasonable wear and tear of the Equipment are expected, however any sign(s) of irreparable/significant/substantial damages to the Equipment which would render the Equipment unusable or deterioration of quality and comfort to the next Customer during the period of the Booking, shall be borne by the Customer.